2023 BreachLock Penetration Testing Intelligence Report

Current State of Security Risks revealed from over 3000 pentests conducted in 2022 and 2023
Penetration Testing Intelligence Report 2023

Discover how BreachLock's industry and asset-specific vulnerability findings align with the most exploited OWASP Top 10 categories

Download our report to gain data-driven insights on:
  • Top 5 impacted industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Computer Software and Technology, and other sectors
  • Most common vulnerabilities across web applications, APIs, mobile (Android, iOS), internal and external networks, and cloud infrastructure
  • 85% of findings aligning with the Top 5 OWASP categories
  • The overall cost of a ransomware attack reaching $4.45M globally and a staggering $9.48M for U.S. organizations
  • How organizations who undergo periodic security evaluation and implement security automation save an average of $3M USD per breach

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How BrerachLock is Making Cyberspace a Safer Place

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An innovative approach to Penetration Testing

BreachLock’s revolutionary, human-led, AI-accelerated approach to pentesting empowers enterprises to find and reduce risk 50% faster with full stack attack surface visibility.