2023 BreachLock Ultimate Guide to External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Learn how to improve your external risk management program by proactively leveraging the valuable insights and visibility that EASM offers.
The Ultimate Guide to EASM BreachLock 2023

In this guide, you'll learn how to leverage the advantages of EASM to discover and manage external threats early on.


This comprehensive guide covers:

  • What External Attack Surface Management is;
  • How EASM works;
  • The advantages of EASM;
  • What to look for in an EASM platform; and more.

Discover Always-On Security with BreachLock SET

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SET gives security leaders the immediate visibility and intelligence they need to proactively and continuously discover and protect their external assets.

As external attack surfaces continue expanding outside the visibility of an organization's SOC with unknown agents and assets connected to their network, security leaders have turned to EASM solutions to help them regain control. BreachLock's next-gen EASM platform, BreachLock SET (See External Threats) is helping security teams discover and manage external risks early on to improve security outcomes.

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