The CISO's Guide to Enterprise Penetration Testing

Improve Security Outcomes with a New Approach for Enterprises to Conduct Pentesting.
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In this eBook, you'll learn how security leaders can enable enterprises with a better way to conduct pentesting:

  • Maximize ROI and security outcomes for centralized penetration testing. 
  • Stop preventable breaches and minimize impacts post-breach. 
  • Identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities faster.
  • Validate security to meet governance, risk, and compliance standards.
  • Test systems for audit-readiness.
  • Measure security improvements year over year. 

Enterprise Penetration Testing for Breach Prevention

Optimize Your Enterprise Penetration Testing Program
A well-executed, centralized penetration testing program has numerous benefits for your enterprise. Security outcomes improve, compliance is maintained, and ROI is gained. 
However, running a comprehensive penetration testing program for the enterprise is not easy.  
Why? Legacy and software-based pentesting solutions are failing centralized pentesting teams today. They are expensive, cause delays, and they do not scale for shifting organizational requirements. 
Meanwhile, Enterprise CISOs are turning to a new solution that fully enables the centralized pentesting team to offer on-demand pentesting for in-house teams - without adding expensive capital investments or headcount. 
CISOs at enterprise organizations can now elevate security and scale pentesting capacity affordably. This cloud-native solution maximizes pentesting investments across the organization while democratizing pentesting for teams and improving overall security outcomes. And it’s now within reach for the modern enterprise. 


Why Pen Testing as a Service is Effective for Global Enterprises

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PTaaS Streamlines Continuous Vulnerability Management for Enterprise SOC and DevOps Teams

Learn how BreachLock's human-led, AI-enabled approach delivers continuous penetration testing results for Fortune 500 enterprises to enable unified vulnerability management workflows across global teams.

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BreachLock® conducts thousands of penetration tests every year, which deliver a treasure trove of penetration testing and vulnerability data that we analyze and share with the community to help fight cybercrime.

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